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Cosbaby Disney 100 Collection – Marvel



Disney has given us so much joy and hope with their characters, so as Marvel! While await the next highly anticipated MCU blockbusters to be released, Hot Toys is bringing you the latest Cosbaby Collectibles featuring some of the world’s favorite Marvel superheroes – Iron Man, Iron Spider and Black Panther. Each Cosbaby collectible measures approximately 8 – 13 cm tall applied with chrome metallic finishes with bobble-head design. The Cosbaby Disney 100 Collection will absolutely catch everyone’s attention.

Your favorite characters from MCU are here to celebrate Disney 100th anniversary! The Iron Man Mark VII in platinum color is ready to fight floating with his flaring jet boots which at the same time the Iron Spider is in a super hero landing pose AND comes with magnetic feature. On the other hand, the platinum colored Black Panther is running to you which the stylish purple demonstrating the color of Wakandans.

Your Marvel collection needs these stylish chrome metallic finished Cosbaby!


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