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Cosbaby Disney 100 Collection – Mickey & Friends



Throughout the years, Disney has created so many adorable characters that capture our hearts. To celebrate this 100th year milestone of Disney, Hot Toys is happy to bring you the latest Cosbaby featuring our world’s favorite Disney characters Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Winnie The Pooh, Stitch and Angel. Each Cosbaby collectible measures approximately 13.5cm tall applied with chrome metallic finishes. This Cosbaby Disney 100 Collection will absolutely catch everyone’s attention.

The Cosbaby of Donald Duck and Daisy Duck painted in platinum color are turning one of the famous Disney duo into an elegant couple; Stitch and Angle in platinum color highlights their cuteness in their signature blue and pink color while Stitch is holding Scrump and Angel is waving at you. Mickey Mouse in platinum color at his best pose, ready to be the highlight of the celebration. The gold colored Winnie the Pooh holding the honey pot would like to share its delicious honey with you!

Now it’s time to ramp up your Disney 100 collection and make everyone WOW!


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