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Stitch Cosbaby (S) Collection



Who is a fan of Stitch and Angel? Us too! Over a decade, the friendship goes on and so as our love for these two cuties. Spare some spaces for the upcoming excitement! Hot Toys is thrilled to introduce the Iridescent version of Stitch and Angel Cosbaby (S) with translucent appearance to add on top of your current Stitch collection.

Featuring the most adorable invader from outer space, Stitch is having a makeover refreshed with chrome iridescent finishes, offering a tropical touch to this lovable Experiment 626. Meanwhile, the alternative iridescent finishes look on Angel is like the cherry blossom in spring that is going to brighten up your dullest day. Each collectible measures 13 cm in height with rotatable head design.

Embrace the love from a faraway planet with the Stitch and Angel Iridescent version collection today!


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