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Star Wars: The Clone Wars FiGPiNS Return!


Get ready as more of your favorite Star Wars: The Clone Wars™ characters get the FiGPiN Treatment. Cad Bane™,  Asajj Ventress™, Darth Maul™, and Pre Vizsla™ will be available starting next Wednesday, February 8th, at 10am PST! Darth Maul and Asajj Ventress will be available on FiGPiN.COM as FiGPiN COMMONS!

Make sure to check out our specialty retail partners eVend and Pops and Pins for their FiGPiN Exclusives as well! eVend will be releasing Pre Vizsla FiGPiN as their Exclusive. Pops and Pins will be releasing Cad Bane as their exclusive FiGPiN! 


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