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Access Granted: Disney Cast Members Preview TRON Lightcycle / Run



With a DJ dance party and treats to fuel their races through the Grid, thousands of Magic Kingdom Park cast members had the thrilling opportunity to be some of the first to join Team Blue on TRON Lightcycle / Run presented by Enterprise. The triumphant Disney Cast Life celebration was a perfectly programmed “thank you” for the magic and joy Magic Kingdom Park cast bring to the park—and it’s safe to say they had the race of a lifetime!

Cast member smiles and holds up snack / Cast Member smiles under TRON canopy at night

“Disney never lets me down. I feel so incredibly lucky to be here,” exclaimed Jeannie, a merchandise cast member at Magic Kingdom Park. “I can’t believe all I have to do is come here, make magic—which doesn’t even feel like work—and I get opportunities like this.

As cast members raced through the Grid’s brilliant neon lights and energizing electronic music during early-access preview parties, Tomorrowland was filled with cheers, applause, and screams echoing throughout. From cast reactions, it’s clear TRON Lightcycle / Run brings a uniquely thrilling experience to Magic Kingdom Park, unlike anything the park has ever seen.

  • Cast member holds TRON frame that says 'I entered the grid'
  • Cast members cheer aboard TRON

“It was a dream come true. Seeing the ‘TRON’ movies come to life is more than I could have asked for,” shared TR, an attractions cast member from Magic Kingdom Park. “I saw the Grid right in front of me… it was humbling.”

This isn’t the ‘end of line’ for cast members experiencing TRON Lightcycle / Run, either! Over the next four weeks, cast members are invited into the Grid with their friends and families before TRON Lightcycle / Run officially opens to guests on April 4, 2023.

“I am so excited to share this with my family,” Leslie—who supports Main Street, U.S.A. operations—gleefully shared. “Being a cast member is incredible. It’s a gift!” 

Group of cast members pose with TRON frame that says 'I entered the grid'

If the rest of cast previews are anything like these Magic Kingdom Park early-access preview parties, this #DisneyCastLife opportunity is sure to continue unlocking new core memories that last a lifetime! 

We’ll see you in the Grid! 


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