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New Donald 90th – Donald Duck Cosbaby (S) by Hot Toys Revealed!


Let’s give your Donald Duck collection a festive refresh, shall we? In celebration of his 90 incredible years, Hot Toys is releasing THE birthday special collection of Donald Duck Cosbaby (S)!

Meet one of the cutest Donald Duck collectibles on top of your current Cosbi Collections! Featuring the 90-year-old birthday boy Donald Duck leaning forward to his cake with a party hat on. He is definitely waiting for his birthday kiss from you. Donald Duck has also changed his clothes and are waiting for you to have a birthday dance with him. A velvet hair version of Donald Duck Cosbaby (S) on the other hand is showing off its fluffy tail. Still fluffy, even though 90 years have gone by, I think we should really ask him for his secret keeping the hair so luscious. The laughing Donald Duck Cosbaby (S) on the floor cracking up (his cake-shaped party hat has just made this laugh more hysterical. Lastly, we have a Toy Duck version of Donald Duck Cosbaby (S), no words, just !!!!! AND now you can *FINALLY* have a Donald Duck bath toy! Each collectible measures 11 – 13.5 cm in height.

You can’t miss out on Donald’s one and only 90th birthday celebration! Our Donald Duck Cosbaby (S) will for sure keep the party vibes alive, so pick up the Cosbaby (S) and don’t forget the Cosbi Collection as well.


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