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Iron Man 3 – Iron Man Cosbi Bobble-Head Collection



Throughout his time in MCU, Tony Stark has built a lot of high-tech equipment, but his most impressive invention is the Iron Man suit! Adding variety to your Hall of Armor display, Hot Toys is excited to present Iron Man Cosbi transforming Tony Starks’ first few armors to miniature collectibles.

Iron Man Cosbi Bobble-Head Collection features Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI, Mark VI, War Machine, and Iron Monger (Mystery) Cosbi. Each random package box includes a 7.5 cm tall Cosbi collectible of your favorite characters, a special collection card, and a connectable puzzle base, comes sealed in a foil bag and blind boxed to preserve the rarity and collectability of the series. Available in selected markets only.

The Iron Man Cosbi will now power up your mini collection!


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