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National Geographic Live Announces 2022-23 Touring Event Series



From the rainforest to the deepest seafloors, to the cretaceous period, earth’s darkest caves and the farthest reaches of space, National Geographic Live has a wealth of stories to tell as the 2022-23 event series kicks off in cities across North America. 

The National Geographic Live touring series that brings to life the real and awe-inspiring stories of National Geographic Explorers and Speakers is now underway! Visiting nearly 60 cities, with more than a dozen new markets and venues combined, a celebrated group of 37 new and returning experts will grace stages across the United States and Canada, immersing audiences in the natural wonders of the world through gripping footage and unforgettable imagery.

Spanning multiple countries and all seven continents, National Geographic’s broad roster of talent – including renowned photographers, scientists, authors, filmmakers and adventurers – will transport guests to magnificent destinations with their behind-the-scenes work and one-of-a-kind tales.

With more than 200 planned events, National Geographic Live features something for everyone of all ages. 

“National Geographic is a beloved brand known for its captivating content and inspiring stories that have the ability to leave an imprint on consumers globally,” said Stephanie Young, president, Disney Vacation Club, Adventures & Expeditions, and Enrichment Programs. “We’re proud to be expanding our programming and bringing even more National Geographic Live shows to cities across North America. Whether you are in Florida, California, the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, Northeast or beyond, we’re giving you the ability to explore scores of new places – all from the comfort of your seat.”

An exciting array of 14 new cities and venues are present on this year’s schedule, offering audiences the opportunity to experience National Geographic Live’s incredible programming. New to the line-up includes:

  1. Appleton, WI: Fox Cities Performing Arts Center
  2. Austin, TX: The Long Center
  3. Burlington, ON, CAD: Burlington Performing Arts Centre
  4. Carmel, IN: Center for the Performing Arts
  5. Charleston, SC: Charleston Gaillard Center
  6. Collegedale, TN: Southern Adventist University
  7. East Lansing, MI: Wharton Center for Performing Arts
  8. Houghton, MI: Rozsa Performing Arts Center
  9. Kalispell, MT: Wachholz College Center
  10. Pittsburgh, PA: Pittsburgh Playhouse
  11. San Francisco, CA: Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
  12. Wenatchee, WA: Numerica Performing Arts Center
  13. West Palm Beach, FL: Kravis Center
  14. Grass Valley, CA: The Center for the Arts

“We seek to continually inspire our audiences and help a new generation of guests fall in love with National Geographic Live,” said Timo Gorner, vice president of Disney Institute and National Geographic Live. “We are thrilled to deliver unique experiences to more people and continue to elevate the brand.”

Eight new speakers will captivate audiences this tour season. Attendees are invited on journeys to past and present lands, both near and far away, through global expeditions by earth, wind, air, and water. Guests will hear about some of the planet’s most unforgiving climates, the Paleozoic era when dinosaurs ruled the globe, space exploration of the solar system, migratory patterns and more. These new Explorer and Speaker sessions include:

  • Alizè Carrére – Adaptation: Explore the remarkable ways people around the world are adapting to climate change with environmental anthropologist and filmmaker Alizé Carrère.
  • Diana Magaloni-Kerpel – Mesoamerica Illuminated: Art historian and microarcheologist Dr. Diana Magaloni-Kerpel uncovers millennia-old murals and sculptures throughout Mexico and Central America to understand what they reveal about these ancient cultures.
  • Diva Amon – From Shallows to Seafloor: Dive in with marine biologist Diva Amon to get to know the fascinating creatures in each unique layer of Earth’s massive underwater habitat—from the familiar sea creatures near the surface to their otherworldly, alien-like cousins that wander the ocean floor.
  • Lindsay Zanno – T. rex Rises: Travel back in time with paleontologist Dr. Lindsay Zanno and discover the fascinating story of how a Cretaceous climate crisis gave rise to the most famous megapredator of all time—T. rex.
  • Lucy Hawkes – Life on the Move: Physiological ecologist Lucy Hawkes shares an inside look at what she’s learned tracking some of Earth’s greatest animal athletes on their iconic migrations across the planet.
  • Robbie Shone – In Deep: Adventures in Caving: Join renowned cave photographer Robbie Shone for a gripping, first-hand account of the climb for his life out of Veryovkina, the world’s deepest known cave.
  • Sandesh Kadur – Wild Cats of India: Journey with photographer and filmmaker Sandesh Kadur through the diverse landscapes of India to discover its lesser-known felines—from the tiny, grumpy-faced Pallas’s cat to the elusive clouded leopard.
  • Tracy Drain – Cosmic Adventures: Join aerospace engineer Tracy Drain to discover the marvels of our cosmic backyard through the eyes of the robotic spacecraft sent out to explore it.

Many fan favorites will return as well! Carnivore ecologist Rae Wynn-Grant, award-winning photographer Brian Skerry, who specializes in marine wildlife and underwater environments, African diaspora archaeologist Alicia Odewale, wildlife filmmaker Filipe DeAndrade, big cat photographer Steve Winter, paraclimber and 2019 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, Maureen Beck, and photographer Ronan Donovan, are all scheduled to present at multiple venues throughout the course of the tour.

We are also celebrating National Geographic’s launch of its newest apparel collection. Inspired by nature’s marine eco-systems and an appreciation for the ocean’s timeless beauty and magnificent strength, the lifestyle collection is available on shopNatGeo.com and at select stores throughout Walt Disney World ResortDisney SpringsDisneyland Resort and Downtown Disney District. Soon, with more details to be released, National Geographic Live attendees will be guided to locate QR codes present at the in-person events that will bring them to the virtual store, offering a variety of long- and short-sleeve tops to jackets and pants for sale. Every purchase from the National Geographic lifestyle collection helps support the global nonprofit National Geographic Society in its work to protect and illuminate our world through exploration, research and education. To learn more, visit NatGeo.com/info

For tickets and to learn more about how you can see National Geographic Live in or near your city as part of the  2022-2023 North American Tour, visit the National Geographic Live website to find more information. The full schedule of events and speakers may be found here.


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