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Previews of the new Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse – Spider-Man Cosbi Bobble-Head Collectible Set!


You can re-watch the Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse so many times and still be finding Easter eggs. This is how cool the movie is! To keep the excitement coming before the third movie release, Hot Toys is thrilled to announce three Spider-Man Cosbi Bobble-Head Collectible Sets, featuring the Spider-Man you saw on Earth-928, Nueva York. And they will be posing as the iconic pointing meme! Each collectible measures approximately 8 cm tall, comes with a connectable puzzle base. Available in selected markets only.

“Stop what you are doing and STOP SPIDER-MAN!”

Let’s kick off with our first Spider-people team! They are Spider-Man Unlimited, Web-Man and Mangaverse Spider-Man! We all know the Web-Man with his reversed color from the original Spider-Man, and then we have the Mangaverse Spider-Man wearing his signature backpack and arm warps. Don’t forget one of the classics, the Spider-Man Unlimited! The metallic red on him makes the Spidey suit even more futuristic.

Next up, get ready to be blown away by Superior Spider-Man, the Threats and Menace Suit Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider. Coming out of the comic classics, the Superior Spider-Man has the color black almost dominated the Spidey suit. Is there some evil genius behind the mask? Meanwhile, Spider-Man in the Threats and Menace Suit is wearing a white mask, that’s a Spidey suit with advanced technology for sure. Besides, the hands down, most 90s Spider Man, Scarlet Spider is here to complete your comic classics crossover.

Lastly, give a roaring welcome to the armored Spider-People, featuring Spider Armor MK I to MK III! For fans out there who love Spider Armor, now is the time! Presenting the silver and gray tone MK I, black and yellow MK II and finally the OG color scheme of red, blue and black Spider Armor MK III.

Collect all of the Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Cosbi and recreate your own lobby for the Spider Society!


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