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Mark Brooks Continues to Celebrate THE AVENGERS and X-MEN’S 60TH ANNIVERSARIES with new Corner Box Variant Covers!


New York, NY— May 1, 2023 — This year, Corner Boxes are back in a big way! Superstar artist and enthusiastic Corner Box fan Mark Brooks will spotlight this classic Marvel tradition in a new line of variant covers! Just in time for the Avengers and X-Men’s 60th Anniversaries, Brooks’ CORNER BOX VARIANT COVERS will run throughout the year, depicting lineups and characters from throughout both team’s histories. Hitting stands in May, the first pair brought fans back to the Avengers and X-Men’s original Silver Age rosters, and now, fans can see the next two debuting in June!

Gracing the covers of AVENGERS #2, the second issue of Jed MacKay and C.F. Villa’s highly-anticipated new run, and Gerry Duggan and Joshua Cassara’s X-MEN #23, June’s CORNER BOX covers feature some of the biggest icons of both franchises. On AVENGERS #2’s Corner Box Cover, Brooks chose to present  a full body depiction of Vision who will make his exciting return to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in MacKay and Villa’s run. And over on X-MEN #23’s Corner Box Cover, Brooks highlights the famous X-Men team that debuted in 1975’s Giant-Size X-Men #1 and catapulted mutant storytelling to groundbreaking success!

“There are many reasons why I was attracted to comics as a kid and the corner box was a big part of it,” Brooks explained. “I knew what issue number and who I could expect to see in the issue. It was a little preview to tantalize the reader. It was always heads, a full figure, or a micro-scene. No matter what, it enticed me to pick the book up. It’s why I started the #LetMarkCornerbox campaign in earnest on Twitter. It was primarily a joke to express my love for the corner box. It ended up taking on a bit of a life of its own. When C.B. told me that they’d like this to become a reality, I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve penciled well over 100 heads so far. I don’t plan on stopping until Marvel says ‘okay, that’s enough’- LOL!”

Stay tuned for more of Mark Brooks’ CORNER BOX VARIANT COVER to be revealed in the months ahead! For more information, visit Marvel.com.


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