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Embrace Imagination with the Figment Figure by Britto!


Disney enthusiasts and art collectors alike have a new reason to rejoice with the enchanting Figment Figure by Britto. This whimsical creation brings together the beloved character Figment from Disney’s Epcot theme park and the vibrant pop art style of renowned artist Romero Britto, resulting in a delightful fusion of imagination and color.

For those unfamiliar, Figment is a lovable purple dragon who serves as the mascot for the Imagination! Pavilion at Epcot, inspiring guests to embrace their creativity and explore the power of imagination. Britto, known for his bold use of vivid hues and playful patterns, lends his distinctive touch to Figment, breathing new life into this iconic character.

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Standing tall at [size], the Figment Figure by Britto is a striking piece of art that captures the essence of both Figment and Britto’s artistic flair. With its dynamic design and eye-catching details, this figurine is sure to spark joy and ignite the imagination of all who behold it.

Whether displayed as a centerpiece in your home or added to your collection of Disney memorabilia, the Figment Figure by Britto is a testament to the enduring magic of Disney and the boundless possibilities of imagination. It serves as a reminder to embrace creativity, celebrate individuality, and always dare to dream.

Available exclusively through the Disney Store, this enchanting Figment Figure by Britto is a must-have for Disney fans and art aficionados alike. So why not add a touch of whimsy and color to your world with this delightful collaboration between two creative powerhouses? After all, as Figment himself would say, “Imagination is the key to unlocking the wonders of the world!”


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