New York, NY— August 8, 2023 — In the pages of Marvel’s current ALIEN comic series, writer Declan Shalvey and artist Andrea Broccardo are unearthing terrifying new truths about the legendary Xenomorph species. Set on an icy moon in the black of night, the current saga, “Thaw,” will conclude next month in ALIEN #5 but the threat of the Xenomorphs always re-emerges… The acclaimed creative team will dare to explore even darker depths of the Alien mythos this November in a new ALIEN #1!

The new series will take place in two time periods with Shalvey also on art duties, drawing flashback scenes of a doomed earlier crew in each issue. As readers learn more about the mistakes and goals of the first mission, they’ll discover the full unsettling scope of what the present-day protagonists have gotten themselves into! Connected to the current series but offering a fresh start for new readers, the new run will continue to develop the new subspecies of Xenomorphs that Shalvey and Broccardo have introduced while laying the groundwork for an even greater threat. Before ALIEN #1 launches, fans will get a chance to get up close and personal with this new breed of creatures in October’s ALIEN ANNUAL #1, a double-sized issue that will serve as connective tissue between story arcs.
EVERYONE WILL HEAR YOU SCREAM! The next great Alien story starts in ALIEN ANNUAL #1 and continues in the all-new ALIEN #1! In deep space spins a world infected by the universe’s greatest killers. Most people – sane people – would construct a barrier thicker than the hulls of ten Nostromos and leave it to rot. But where most people see a death trap, Weyland-Yutani sees the biggest payout in the history of civilization. And if it costs a few human lives to secure? Those come cheap here. Prepare for more corporate corruption, personal betrayals and extraordinary violence!

“It’s such a joy to continue to build out our own little corner of Marvel Comics’ Alien universe with this new ‘Descendant’ story arc,” Shalvey said. “We’re building on what we’ve done before (with some nods to previous stories) and get to dig a bit deeper in this arc (both figuratively and literally). It’s also a real treat for me to draw a section of the story.”
Check out Javi Fernández’s haunting issue one cover below and pick up ALIEN #1 when it hits stands in November. Fans can also experience Shalvey and Broccardo’s first ALIEN series in full by picking up the ALIEN BY SHALVEY & BROCCARDO VOL. 1: THAW collection, on sale at your local comic shop the very same week! For more information, visit Marvel.com.


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