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What’s Cooking: Delicious Dishes Coming to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge



I hope you’re ready to learn about what’s cooking over at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge because this resort has some exciting, and delicious, updates at two of its locations – Territory Lounge and Roaring Fork. Both of these spots are getting some new additions to their menus, and trust me, they won’t disappoint.  

Let’s kick things off at Territory Lounge where, starting today, the menu is entering a whole new territory filled with delicious eats and sips that will leave you coming back again and again. This hidden gem found within Disney’s Wilderness Lodge showcases shareable dishes highlighting tasty flavors, but with an elevated and fun twist.

If you love popcorn, the Territory Popcorn Sampler features the chef’s take on popcorn with spicy, caramel, sea salt, truffle, and BBQ flavors. The Artisanal Cheese and Charcuterie isn’t your average charcuterie board – you have to see it to believe it! Chef Brian Knox carefully selected Oregon and Utah cheeses with a focus on smokey notes and even a cheese wrapped in honey and sea salt – accompanied by fresh honeycomb, pickled vegetables, and handcrafted bread.  

There are also some flavorful flatbreads new to the menu. The Loaded Baked Potato Flatbread is topped with bacon, potato, chive cream cheese, and crème fresh while the Salmon Run is topped with an in-house dill-cured gravlax salmon with truffle cream cheese, fried capers, onions, black sea salt, and dill. Now those are some bites to fuel you up for any expedition!

Rounding out the new menu items are the Bacon on the Wire and the Bone and Brie. The Bacon on the Wire takes a new meaning to an elevated dish with black pepper candied bacon cured in smoked paprika and bourbon, cold smoked, and roasted perfectly with a bourbon glaze. And, it doesn’t just have bacon; it features deviled eggs topped with fried shrimp, chipotle beef jerky, and salmon candy with a bourbon drizzle.  

The Bone and Brie will leave you wanting to devour every last bite on this foodie adventure. With roasted bone marrow, honey-baked brie baked in a cast iron skillet with marionberry onion jam, this shareable dish is a must-try.

In addition to these mouthwatering eats, there are new hand-crafted beverages joining the menu for those over 21 looking to indulge. The National 95, a coast-to-coast twist on the classic French 95 cocktail, combines Whistle Pig Rye from the East coast with simple syrup, and sparkling Argyle Brut from the West coast while the Lewis and Clark-inspired L&C G&T features Fords Gin, St. Germaine, and elderflower tonic, garnished with a cucumber ribbon and fresh flower.  

If you’re interested in fruity flavors, there’s a few options for you too! The Orchards Bounty is made up of Ketel One Peach & Orange Blossom Botanicals vodka, house-made pinot gris syrup, Dolin Blanc vermouth, and Aperol. Sangria fans will love the Orange Spiced Sangria, a drink with Chateau Ste Michelle cabernet, Cointreau orange liqueur, apple cider, and house-made orange spice syrup. The Northwoods masterfully brings together Bulleit Rye, house-made rosemary syrup, citrus juices, and maple into one delicious cocktail.  

For a campfire feel on a classic cocktail, the Smores Old Fashioned has Elijah Craig bourbon, toasted marshmallow syrup, and chocolate bitters garnished with perfectly toasted marshmallows – yum! And finally, the Timeless Elias is a smoking libation featuring Macallan 12 yr. scotch, house-made vanilla bean syrup, and Courvoisier VSOP.  

As you can see, the Territory Lounge is bringing its best to the foodie game and taking you on a culinary journey out west through your taste buds with all these new and exciting items!

Beginning on October 11, Roaring Fork is also getting some tasty new treats that you are definitely going to want to try. Kickstart your day with one of the new breakfast options. The Meat and Potatoes Quiche with broccoli, potatoes, bacon, ham, and gouda and the Vegetable Lover’s Quiche with peppers, onions, leeks, green peas, potatoes, broccoli, fresh herb, and cheddar are delicious options to fuel up on before your adventure. For some sweet starts, indulge in the Warm Freshly Baked Cinnamon Roll with fresh blueberries and blueberry cream cheese frosting or the extra-large Warm Grizzly Bear Claw with mixed nuts and raisin filling.  

As the day moves onto lunch and dinner, there are some more items recently added that you need to taste. The Asian-Style Noodle Salad is quite refreshing with tofu, mixed vegetables, crispy rice noodles, and fried wontons. You can even add chicken or shrimp for some added protein! The Heirloom Tomato Salad with pickled wild mushrooms, burrata cheese, red pepper pesto, and basil is also a tasty, lighter option.  

If you’re looking for a heartier dish, I’ve got two more for you. The Country-style Baked Meatloaf features buttery green peas, chunky mashed potatoes, and gravy for a classic meal. The Barbecued Brisket and Burnt Ends with potato hash, fiery coleslaw, and cornbread features some comfort BBQ fare packed with flavor.

Now, if you’re like me and have a love of sweets, there are quite a few desserts available all day long that are joining Roaring Fork’s repertoire. The Almond Walnut Bundt Cake is a must with a coffee glaze and cream cheese icing. If you’ve got a taste for blueberry, the house-made Blueberry Thyme Crumb Pie is a seasonal item that will change flavors throughout the year, so you can keep coming back. The adorable Bear Mousse Cake brings together raspberry mousse, almond cake, and dark chocolate ganache into a treat that is almost too cute to eat – almost.  

Lastly, Humphrey the Bear has a passion for honey and the new Humphrey Bee Hive Cake is the perfect sweet eat for him. This delightful dish is made with chocolate cake, passionfruit mousse, sugar bees, and a white chocolate Humphrey on top.  

I, for one, can’t wait to take a journey over to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge to indulge in all the goodies coming to both Territory Lounge and Roaring Fork. I sure hope you’re as excited as me!  

(Note: All offerings are subject to change and availability.)  


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