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Toy Story Collection – Lotso Cosbaby



Everyone loves the pink friendly looking hugging bear Lotso. Captured the sweetest villain in Toy Story, Hot Toys is delighted to present the Lotso Cosbaby (S) Collection by turning Lotso into more sweet miniature collection.

Toy Story – Lotso Cosbaby (S) Collection features Lotso (with Laurel Wreath) wearing Laurel Wreath on one hand hold his signature wooden cane the other waving at you; Lotso (with Strawberry Basket) holding as basket of strawberries trying to share with you; Lotso (with Strawberry) carrying a basket of freshly picked strawberry; Lotso (Strawberry Costume Version) in strawberry costume wanting to give you a big hug. Each Cosbaby measures approximately 10.5 – 13 cm tall.

This Lotso Cosbaby collection will go perfectly with your adorable Toy Story collection!


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