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Star Wars: The Mandalorian – 1/6th scale Kuiil & Blurrg Collectible Set Blogger Photos



“I have spoken.”

Kuiil the Ugnaught is a widely beloved character in the highly acclaimed The Mandalorian live-action series. Originally came to seek peace in an out of the way world on Arvala-7, Kuiil helped the Mandalorian in many ways by teaching him to ride a blurrg, repairing the Razor Crest, and protecting young Grogu with his life.

Hot Toys is presenting blogger photos of 1/6th scale Kuiil and Blurrg collectible set from The Mandalorian collection.

The Kuiil collectible figure features newly developed head sculpt, outfit with highly detailed tailoring, a rifle with tranquilizer dart, a pair of goggles, a backpack, a bucket, and a themed display base!

The highly-accurate Blurrg stands at approximately 37cm tall (43cm with base) and 60cm in length. It features highly detailed head and body, articulated arms, a saddle, and a rocky theme display stand!

Check out the stunning blogger images now and if you would like to add this figure to your collection please click here.


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