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Picture What’s Possible This Earth Day with Disneynature’s ‘Polar Bear’ on Disney+



Inspiring a better world through the power of stories is at our core here at Disney, and our collective actions toward a brighter, more sustainable future is at the heart of what we call Disney Planet Possible. Whether reducing our environmental footprint, caring for wildlife and their habitats, or creating stories that inspire action, Disney Planet Possible puts possibility into practice.

This Earth Month, we’re celebrating our planet by recognizing our current work, paying tribute to our heritage and working toward a world in balance. 

Recognizing Earth Day with “Polar Bear” on Disney+

To kick off Earth Day – April 22 – in Arctic style, Disneynature’s “Polar Bear” is now streaming only on Disney+. Capturing the moving story of a polar bear whose memories as a young cub guide her into motherhood for the first time, “Polar Bear” shows firsthand the challenges polar bears face amid a changing Arctic impacting the species. But as these resilient bears demonstrate, where there is hardship, there is hope.

Apart from offering a window into the world of polar bears, the film also showcases the wildlife that Disneynature and the Disney Conservation Fund will support via a grant to nonprofit polar bear conservation organization Polar Bears International (PBI).

“Working on behalf of the Arctic’s polar bear community is our priority, and we are beyond excited to continue pushing that important work forward with the support of Disney,” said Krista Wright, Executive Director, Polar Bears International. “There is always more work to do and we are optimistic of the path ahead as we find new ways to help polar bears thrive today and tomorrow. We hope after viewing “Polar Bear,” people will be inspired to talk to their friends and family about the film, what they learned, and why polar bear conservation matters.”

Currently, an estimated 26,000 polar bears remain, and experts predict that if no action on climate change is taken, we will lose all but a few polar bear populations by the end of this century.

To protect this vulnerable species, Disney’s grant to Polar Bears International will enable them to:

  • Deploy a new aerial radar detection tool that allows aircrafts to identify hidden polar bear dens and protect mothers and cubs.
  • Work to reduce potential human-bear conflicts to keep bears and people safe in Arctic communities.
  • Inspire actionable change globally to combat climate change and aid polar bears.

Learn more about how to make actionable change by visiting Polar Bears International’s Disneynature page, and if you find yourself at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park in Florida, check out the Polar Bear-inspired sand sculpture near the entrance.

Photo by Emma Leslie

Looking Back at Our History of Conservation

But polar bears are not the only species Disney supports. Disneynature and the Disney Conservation Fund have a longstanding commitment to caring for wildlife and their habitats. Since 1995, the Disney Conservation Fund (DCF) has invested more than $120 million to help protect more than 1,000 species, honor community heroes and provide millions of nature experiences to kids around the world. Recent work includes support for wild red pandas in Western Nepal, monarch butterflies in California and sea turtles in Florida, just to name a few.

Picturing What’s Possible, Together

As we continue to celebrate the spirit of optimism this month, we’re picturing what’s possible for a better tomorrow and we invite you to join us by sharing images of what gives you hope for our planet’s future with the hashtag #DisneyPlanetPossible on social media. We know what friendly faces come to mind for us.

Earth Month Extras

Looking for more ways to celebrate?

Earth month may be in April but our care for our planet is year-round. No matter how you mark the occasion, we look forward to building a brighter future together.


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