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Onboard the Disney Wish: Discover a Wealth of Uniquely Themed, Adult-Exclusive Bars and Lounges



Listen up, Disney Wish cruisers. It’s time for a … (and please be sure to read this next part in Mirabel from Encanto’s voice) … adult area round-up! 

While the Disney Wish was purpose-designed with families in mind, there are more spaces than ever before for adults to relax and recharge at sea. With unique areas reserved for guests 18 and older, the Disney Wish offers richly themed oases with special touches of magic that are perfect for unwinding and socializing.

Disney Wish – The Bayou

Let’s start with one of my absolute favorite adult spaces onboard the Disney Wish – The Bayou. This swanky retreat is sure to make you feel like you’re sipping on a Hurricane right in the heart of New Orleans. Adorned with a canopy of magnolia blossoms and lily pads, as well as vibrant green and gold hues, this Louisiana-inspired lounge is the place to be. Especially in the evenings when jazz is in the air as a live band provides rhythms smooth as a sea breeze. And y’all don’t forget to try the signature beignets … it’s Tiana’s secret recipe after all!

Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge on the Disney Wish

Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge, is designed to be a yacht-class spaceship outfitted with sleek, luxurious décor. Sip on a galactic concoction that is truly out of this world as you are transported to iconic locations to view famous spaceships and glimpse favorite locales from the eras of the Republic, Empire and First Order. This highly immersive space makes you feel like you are actually living in the Star Wars films, especially as the starship jumps through hyperspace. I highly recommend asking the bartender to add a cinnamon-scented smoke bubble to every beverage you order, not just the Chancellor!

Located right off of the Grand Hall, Nightingales piano bar continues the ship’s alluring theme of enchantment. Inspired by Cinderella’s lyrical rendition of “Sing Sweet Nightingale,” this space exudes grace and elegance, with alluring melodies, rose gold accents and a glittering chandelier at its center. You won’t want to miss the specialty cocktails in this location or the bubbling champagnes and fine wines that are the perfect overture to a fairytale-inspired evening. 

Keg & Compass on the Disney Wish

And, what can be better than a cold beer and a delicious bar-style fare after a day of fun at sea? I’ve yet to find out! 

Designed in a rustic architectural style, Keg & Compass is a pub that pays homage to seafarers, sailors and maritime adventurers. As you sip on a custom craft brew, be sure to take in the traditional map that spans the entire length of the ceiling – you might even spot some favorite Disney friends up there. Guests can also watch live sports, news and major broadcast events – all from the comfort of this sailor’s lounge. 

No matter where you choose to spend your time, the Disney Wish offers more spaces for adults to escape, unwind and indulge. Comment below on which spot you think is going to be your favorite!


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