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Meet the Disney Munchlings – Our Sweetest New Plush Line



Something very special has been happening in the Main Street Bakery …

As story has it, one day when the sun set on Main Street, Master Baker Pierre Dumonet was adding the final touches to his sweet creations. As he hung his apron and left the bakery, Pierre accidentally closed the door a little too hard, causing several jars and bottles to topple over. A small bottle of magic spilled out onto his delicious concoctions below, creating the Disney Munchlings!


This latest plush collection takes iconic sweet treats and transforms them into fan-favorite characters. The Disney Munchlings will debut with three scented collections: Sweet Treats, Baked Treats and Frozen Treats.

Sweet Treats Disney Munchlings collection

For the Sweet Treats collection, Mickey and Friends get a candy makeover with Cool Mint Mickey Mouse, Peanut Butter Swirl Cup Pluto, Dark Chocolate Ganache Truffle Chip and Dale, Peppermint Meringue Hard Candy Minnie and Chocolate Brownie Bar Goofy sure to drive your sweet tooth wild.

Fresh out of the oven are the Baked Goods Disney Munchlings! Mickey and Minnie join Pooh, Eeyore, Stitch, and Baymax as treats that are as huggable as they are delicious.

Frozen Delights Disney Munchlings

Is it getting cold in here? It must be because our Frozen Delights Disney Munchlings are here! Mixing your favorite Disney Villains with the best snacks for a warm day, this collection is sure to give you a brain freeze. My personal favorite is the Pain and Panic Popsicle, but there are plenty of wickedly sweet treats to choose from.

Available in two different sizes, the 5-inch Disney Munchlings will be available in blind bags for $16.99 while the 15-inch plush will retail for $34.99. Additionally, special drops and chef co-labs will be available to purchase for $19.99. Plus, the Disney Munchlings are always spreading magic to their friends, so be on the lookout for special mystery characters in the blind bags!

The Disney Munchlings will be available this Friday, Sept. 9 at the D23 Expo Marketplace and shopDisney. Starting at Disneyland Resort on Monday, the Disney Munchlings will be making their way across the globe, including at Walt Disney World Resort later this month. Be on the lookout … you never know where Disney Munchlings are going to pop up next!


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