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Loki – 1/6th scale President Loki Collectible Figure (Premium Collector’s Edition) Blogger Photos



“Come on. What did you expect?” – President Loki

Leads a small band of Loki variants that were sent to the desolate Void by the Time Variance Authority, President Loki tries to seize control of the realm from Kid Loki, but fails spectacularly when the coup turns into a brawl. He also makes a grave mistake of insulting Alligator Loki, and gets his hand ultimately bitten off.

Today, Hot Toys is excited to share blogger photos of 1/6th scale President Loki collectible figure from Loki collection. Sneak a peek at the Premium Collection’s Edition with exclusive collectible items. It’s limited to 1500 pieces worldwide.

Masterfully crafted based on the screen appearance of Tom Hiddleston as President Loki in the series, the figure features a newly developed head sculpt and his horned helmet with delicate craftsmanship, election campaign pin on the suit applied with weathering effects perfectly translating the details; a pair of daggers, Alligator Loki in one-sixth scale, a cane, a specially designed character backdrop with lenticular effect, and a figure stand.

What’s more, the Premium Collector’s Edition with unique serial number exclusively includes items such as Loki T-shirt, mini light box, keychain, badge, TVA pin, notepad, card holder, 1/6th scale posters, trading cards, and themed stickers to indicate your fandom.

The figure of President Loki is bringing glorious purpose to your grand collection, if you would like to order him please click here. For much more marvel collectibles please click here.


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