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How Cast Member Creates Happiness with Disney Princess Doll Designs



For years, dolls have sparked the imagination of children and adults everywhere and helped create a happy place where adventure exists. In celebrating World Doll Day on June 10, we acknowledge the impact that dolls have on the young and collectors alike, and the joy they bring especially for those involved in designing these special gifts.

Jessica Fuchs, best known as “J”, is a product design manager with Disney Consumer Products, Games and Publishing and has been designing dolls for the past 10 years. As part of her role, J pays particular focus on the design of collectibles and was instrumental in creating the new Mulan 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Doll, which was released on June 5 and inspired by the heroine from Disney’s “Mulan.”

“I love that the release of Mulan is coinciding with World Doll Day because I know so many fans love and relate strongly to her strength and story,” J said. “I feel like recently there’s been a huge influx of new fans connecting with Mulan, and it’s wonderful and so gratifying to get to bring the character to life for them in this art form.”

As with the animated character, the doll blends inner strength with outer beauty. J was responsible for the overall look and design, which was developed from an early concept sketch. The elegantly designed 17-inch collectible doll boasts a finely embroidered and ornately detailed costume in beautiful pink, red and blue colors. Her gown is complete with layers of organza and satin with brocade, golden beads and tassels. 

“I usually like to pull from historical references when I start work on a doll and combine those touches with the movie reference,” J added as she reflected on her favorite parts of the design. “Things like Mulan’s shoes with upturned toes so as not to catch on the long trailing skirt and sleeves are fun little details I brought in.”

More Disney Dolls Creating Happines

Graceful design also comes to life through other projects that J has worked on such as the Disney-Inspired CreativeSoul Doll Collection. J collaborated with CreativeSoul Photography on the design for a collection of four Afro-centric dolls representing Cinderella, Tiana, Snow White and Rapunzel.  

“It was super fun and rewarding to work with the CreativeSoul Photography team and help bring their passion to life as dolls. I love getting to work on projects that bring happiness to people and represent all fans,” she said.

“As someone who’s collected lots of things, it’s the joy of finding something you really connect with, meeting other people in the community to share your excitement with and having something to keep with you that reminds you of the message and characters that uplift and inspire you,” J stated.

J, like many other Disney cast members, strives to create happiness every day for our fans everywhere through our products. Her work inspires many fans and is celebrated all around the world. The Mulan 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Doll and the CreativeSoul Inspired by Disney Princess Dolls are available in Disney Parks and on shopDisney, along with many other dolls to help everyone celebrate World Doll Day and beyond.


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