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Here’s How Guests Received an Exclusive Invite to ‘Leave A Legacy’ on Avengers Campus



Two months after the epic opening of Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris, fans, guests and cast members alike were invited to leave their mark on the newest park icon: the Quinjet. Disneyland Paris created a digital platform, including an interactive game, that gave fans the opportunity to leave a message that will be stored in the Quinjet, commemorated during a private event! As such, all those who took part were able to leave their “legacy” at Disneyland Paris!

Those who took up the challenge were able to take an interactive test to determine if their knowledge of Avengers Campus and its Super Heroes were up to snuff. While the test presented a challenge to those who took it, many unique details and references about the land were shared, imparting new wisdom onto the aspiring new recruits. Once the end of the quiz was reached, recruits were given the ability to register and leave a written message. Each message was approved and then saved before being encrypted for storage in the Quinjet, in the heart of Avengers Campus.

By registering and leaving a message on the Avengers Campus – Leave a Legacy platform, fans were automatically entered into a draw to potentially attend a private extravaganza at Disneyland Paris with a guest of their choice — quelle chance!

This one-of-a-kind experience featured never-before-seen activities at Disneyland Paris . From Cosplay to Spider-Bot target contests, our most enthusiastic heroes were present to help celebrate and create memories.

Alongside Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain Marvel and Thor, participants saw their messages successfully added to the Avengers Campus legacy for years to come. 

For those planning to visit Disneyland Paris, don’t miss the opportunity to see the Quinjet in all of its glory at the new Avengers Campus! And keep your eyes peeled for more exclusive news from our parks around the world on the Disney Parks Blog. 


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