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Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Bride Experiences Life in Color for the First Time



Kristin Robinson was thrilled to live out her dream wedding at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. But Kristin, who is colorblind, had another dream: to see the world in color.

What better place to do that for the first time ever than at your Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding in one of the most colorful places on Earth?

To make this dream come true, Kristin added an additional accessory to her wedding look, something a little different from other brides: a pair of glasses with special lenses that allow her to see the world in color.

The reveal was nothing short of spectacular – Kristin was elated when she saw her groom Nick, bright pink flowers and the world around her in color. Seeing the full spectrum of color for the first time was made even more special for Kristin by sharing it with her family. Robinson’s father, and brothers, are also colorblind. They joined the bride in donning the special glasses and having their worlds suddenly fill with color.

Bride Kristin Robinson, who is colorblind, sees the world in color for the first time as she celebrates her dream wedding alongside her groom and family at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion on January 25, 2023 at Walt Disney World Resort

Kristin and Nick’s wedding ceremony at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion was magical. The couple was thrilled to have their wedding at one of their favorite places, and the experience was made even more special when Kristin looked into Nick’s green eyes, which was one of the things she was most excited for.

Sharing that she had no idea fireworks were different colors, Kristin and her wedding guests also experienced “Harmonious” at EPCOT. The nighttime spectacular capped off the special day with a sky full of fireworks and stunning visuals from Disney movies Kristin had grown up with. All of it appeared in countless vibrant colors that Kristin, her father and brothers had never been able to see before. Suffice it to say that fountains in the show weren’t the only waterworks that took place during this joyous finale.

Bride Kristin Robinson, who is colorblind, closes out her wedding celebration by experiencing the EPCOT nighttime spectacular, “Harmonious” in color for the first time. Prior to her wedding on January 25, 2023, Robinson donned a special pair of glasses that enabled her to see color at Walt Disney World Resort

While Kristin’s red-green color blindness is common, color blindness only affects one in 200 women. Kristin doesn’t see pink and purple, and colors like red, green and brown all tend to look the same through her eyes, so she made sure that the pink and blue hues she chose for her wedding’s color scheme were vivid shades that would make seeing color on her wedding day that much more incredible.

Kristin, Nick and their families created heartfelt memories that will last a lifetime at their Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding, and we can’t wait to hear about what Kristin discovers next in her own wonderful world of color.

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