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Behind the Nametag: Disney Cast Member Paves the Way with Technological Magic



Principal Software Architect, Linh Pham, moved with her family from Vietnam to Florida when she was young. She didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up but knew that she relished a challenge. This drive led her to discover a passion for technology at university. She tried various majors like Architecture, Microbiology, and Accounting until she found her calling in Computer Science Engineering.

“What motivated me, what made me successful, and what made me choose technology and Computer Science was that I wanted to do websites. I wanted to do more web development and programming.”

This degree proved to be the perfect major for Linh as it combined her natural skills and provided her with the challenge that catalyzed her Disney journey. In 2008, as Linh moved back to Orlando from California, she applied to work for Disney Parks. She knew she wanted to work in the entertainment industry, and Disney presented her with the perfect opportunity.

Linh and her family had only ever visited Walt Disney World a handful of times growing up, and in the first month of her Disney career, she and her family visited the parks every weekend from morning until night to share the magic together.

In her current role in Resort Technology, Linh has represented Disney Parks Tech and Digital at two Grace Hopper Celebrations of Women in Computing, an organization that connects and provides resources for women in technology across the globe. She is also part of an internal mentorship program to support aspiring tech professionals at Disney. 

“Disney is all driven by technology. All the parks, the resorts, the cruise line, all the movies, and everything… We’re not just an entertainment business; we’re also a technology business.”

After over 15 years with Disney, Linh feels challenged and proud of all she has accomplished as a woman in technology. She is motivated to share her experiences with others and could not be prouder of her team’s work for guests and cast alike.

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