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Proko Reveals New Course with “Marvel’s The Art of Storytelling” Launching July 12


San Diego, CA – May 24, 2023 – Proko, an online resource for artists to get fun and informative art instruction videos, today announced the launch of a new course “Marvel’s The Art of Storytelling” in collaboration with Marvel Comics. Launching July 12th, the upcoming course will provide aspiring comic book creators with the opportunity to learn the art of crafting captivating comics from top Marvel industry professionals.

Since 1939, Marvel has been capturing the imaginations of fans worldwide by telling timeless tales of iconic heroes through art and sequential storytelling. Now, Proko and Marvel are joining forces to share their expertise through a comprehensive course, designed to empower students to create their own comics and strengthen their storytelling skills.

“Marvel’s The Art of Storytelling” is split into 9 lesson groups, covering essential topics such as scriptwriting, thumbnailing, character design, and coloring. Students will gain hands-on experience and valuable insights from seasoned Marvel artists and storytellers.

Lessons will be taught by the following Marvel artists:
Mark Morales – Inking
Alitha Martinez – Poses, Acting, and Performance
Mike Hawthorne – Basics of Cinematography and Perspective
Matt Wilson – Coloring for Comics
Daniel Warren Johnson – Environments
Jim Zub – Storytelling and Story Structure
Erik Gist – Comic Covers
Ryan Benjamin – Penciling
Sanford Greene – Character design bonus, Team design, and Action
Aaron Conley – Page and Panel composition

This collaboration sets itself apart by providing students with lessons directly from experts who have shaped the world of comics for decades. Combining Marvel’s storytelling prowess with Proko’s dedication to art education, this course offers a unique and transformative experience for anyone interested in the comic book industry, or anyone who just wants to draw fun characters and tell engaging stories with their art!

Stan Prokopenko, the founder of Proko, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “It’s been great to work with Marvel Comics on this course. This is the first time our students can utilize such compelling characters and stories and it really makes this course unique and special. Teaming up with their artists has let us make something unlike we’ve ever done before. Getting so many professionals in the industry to the Proko Studio has meant we could cover more than what a single instructor could bring to the table. I think it’ll really help our students make better art and better comics that will give artists the chance to bring their own stories and comics to life.”

You can now sign up for “Marvel’s The Art of Storytelling” and save 20% during the presale period. The first lesson will be released on Wednesday, July 12th. To learn more about the course, visit proko.com/marvel.


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