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Toy Story – Lotso Cosbi Collection



Everyone has their favorite Toy Story character, and the strawberry scented Lotso in its pink fur has become immensely popular among fans. Hot Toys heard you and has prepared a series of Cosbi transforming our best hugging character Lotso to miniature collectibles.

Lotso Cosbi Collection features happily singing Lotso, Lotso stroking its chin looking at you, grumpy Lotso making a pouting face, Lotso covering its mouth in shock, Lotso holding his signature wooden cane, Lotso lying down with a giant strawberry on his hands, Lotso welcoming you with opening arms, Lotso in a sitting position holding strawberries and arm-opening Lotso asking for a hug with special velvet hair feature as the Mystery Cosbi. Each random package box includes an approximately 6.5 cm tall Cosbi collectible of your favorite characters, a special collection card, comes sealed in a foil bag and blind boxed to preserve the rarity and collectability of the series. Available in selected markets only.

Get yourself the lovable Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear Cosbi today and give them home.


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